Repeated NORWAFLOC® supplies to major player in the salmon aquaculture business


M Vest Water has, in Q1, fully verified through long-term commercial operation at a large salmon slaughterhouse, that our Norwafloc® products provide the Best Available Technology (BAT) for salmon slaughterhouse wastewater treatment.

As a result, MVW has now been awarded repeated orders to deliver our water treatment product NORWAFLOC® for the continuous wastewater treatment at the plant.

Reference is made to the announcement dated January 5, 2024. M Vest Water delivered water treatment equipment to the client in Q3 2023 and the plant started slaughter processing with subsequent startup of water treatment and sludge separation with NORWAFLOC® supply for 3 months in Q1 2024.

The startup was a success and MVW’s NORWAFLOC® solution delivered spot-on the promised technical results at the spot-on promised cost for the client. As a result of the success M Vest Water has received an order to supply NORWAFLOC® for another additional 3 months of production.

The success is duplicated to another similar-sized plant operated by another client where successful repetition of the full-scale operation has been completed.

The potential yearly income for the supply of NORWAFLOC® is estimated to be 4-6 MNOK at each of these 2 plants. With this supply, M Vest Water has, as planned, proven the best available technology (BAT) for salmon slaughterhouse in Norway meeting the new and restricted EU discharge regulation enforced on this industry with effect from December 4th, 2023.

"Knowing that we also, in addition, have sold our dosing and equipment solution to a third similar sized slaughterhouse for a startup in Q2, M Vest Water is pleased to announce that our expectations for growth in this 100 MNOK market segment with our BAT technology is on schedule,” says MVW`s CEO, Stein E. Giljarhus. 

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