Oil & Gas

M Vest Water’s green technology provides field proven solutions to Oil & Gas on- and offshore industry, that enable efficient and cost-competitive treatment of produced water, flow back water, drainage water and slop- water.


  • Reduces oil-in-water content to detection limit
  • Reduces dissolved components significantly
  • Substitute for synthetic non-biodegradable flocculants
  • Classified GREEN according to OSPAR
  • HOCNF registered and comprised only of PLONOR substances
  • On-site treatment for offshore applications


Disruptive replacement for conventional tertiary polishing steps:

  • Walnut shell filters
  • Modified clay filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Sand filters
  • In some cases activated carbon filters


Produced water

Flowback water

Drainage water

Slop water

Innovative and proven performance

NORWAFLOC® provides superior performance in capturing oil droplets, particles, split emulsions and creating tailored, easily separable conglomerates. Our technology reduces to near zero the amount of harmful pollutants in wastewater and achieves an oil-in-water down to detection limits.

We have documented significant reduction in low molecular and dissolved toxic components like phenols, PAH, phosphorous, heavy metals and removal of organic and inorganic suspended solids.

The highly charged NORWAFLOC® versions have proven to be cost-competitive due to their efficiency and in most cases reduced dosing demand.

The products may be used upstream for existing separation equipment such as separators, IGF's, CFU's, DAF's, hydrocyclones, decanters, centrifuges and sand filters.

Furthermore, related to biological treatment in onshore oil & gas applications, NORWAFLOC® can favorably be used in treatment steps prior to bioreactor, after bioreactor (SS and phosphorous removal) and in dewatering of bio-sludge.

In offshore slop water applications robust solutions are proven where NORWAFLOC® has revolutionized the performance of decanters and centrifuges.


Our tertiary polishing reactor removes oil, fat & grease, suspended solids and a large number of low molecular and dissolved components. The adapted NORWAFLOC® to the state-of-the-art filter media ensures reliable and efficient operation without sticking and clogging problems. Operation is automatic and requires very low maintenance. OPEX and CAPEX are very competitive to standard tertiary polishing steps commonly applied.

NORWAPOL® can be applied typically where OiW content is from 100 ppm and downwards. Typical SS content applicable is also from 100 ppm and downwards.

Typical proven effluent quality after NORWAPOL® treatment is below 1 ppm for OiW and in most cases detection limit for OiW measurement. For SS typical treatment efficiency is in the range 99-100%.

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