Disruptive, green and natural solutions enabling zero discharge for water treatment

M Vest Water is pioneering the future of water treatment, reducing pollution to zero and enabling discharge waters completely free of microplastics, micro- and even nano pollutants using a game changing technology that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Our nature-based products deliver superior performance and greater efficiency, while offering a highly cost-competitive solution that also yields significant environmental benefits. These disruptive technologies are creating a new generation in water treatment that many industries and market segments have been calling for.

Oil & Gas 

Originally developed specifically for the oil & gas industry, our products enable output of discharge waters that exceed existing requirements while also meeting upcoming regulatory changes in the EU.

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Our products are uniquely developed to ensure clean wastewater throughout the aquaculture value chain, whether it be treatment of wastewater for smolt and fish farming or slaughterhouses.

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The municipal sector is large and varied, having to ensure effective treatment of different wastewaters and sludge. Municipal authorities today are faced with significant challenges due to a growing urban population as well as increasing demands for environmentally friendly water treatment practices.

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Other industries

Our solutions can be tailored to a wide range of industries and applications.

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Natural & biodegradable combined flocculant/coagulant that captures and flocculates dissolved components and low molecular toxins and colloids in the range from below 1 nm up to 100 nm.



Innovative polishing process with automatic backflushing using state-of-the-art activated filter media (AFM®), enabling filtering of particles below 1 nanometer in size.

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AFM® is an activated filter media that can function as a direct replacement for sand, effectively multiplying the performance of sand filters.

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Our Partners

First sales in the Middle East Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment market

 M Vest Water (MVW) can announce that, through an established partnership, MVW has been awarded the supply of process equipment and chemicals for an especially important Produced Water Reuse project in the Middle East.The MVW supply includes the NORWAPOL® and the NORWAFLOC® technology as an integrated part of a larger environmentally sustainable treatment system designed…

Repeated NORWAFLOC® supplies to major player in the salmon aquaculture business

 M Vest Water has, in Q1, fully verified through long-term commercial operation at a large salmon slaughterhouse, that our Norwafloc® products provide the Best Available Technology (BAT) for salmon slaughterhouse wastewater treatment.As a result, MVW has now been awarded repeated orders to deliver our water treatment product NORWAFLOC® for the continuous wastewater treatment at the…

2023 Annual Report

M Vest Water released its 2023 Annual report on March 6th. The Annual Report can be downloaded here:PDF – M Vest Water – 2023 Annual Report”In 2023, our primary focus has been on a growth strategy aimed at expanding our operations and establishing M Vest Water as a competitive Greentech provider in aquaculture, oil and…

M Vest Water has signed agreement with major distributor for NORWAFLOC® in North Germany

M Vest Water announces that it has entered into an agreement with Peter. W. Thielemann GmbH (PWT) for the distribution and sale of NORWAFLOC® in North Germany. The duration will be a minimum of 5 years.The cooperation and distribution of NORWAFLOC® will be exclusive in the segment Municipal Wastewater and Sludge treatment in the regions…

M Vest Water advances in Middle East Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment market

 M Vest Water announces that, by invitation from a major operating and oil-producing company, it has successfully conducted the first step qualification of NORWAFLOC® for Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment at two sites in the Middle East (ME).At first site, MVW replaced synthetic produced water treatment chemicals with completely natural and biodegradable NORWAFLOC® by…

Market Update Presentation and Webcast

 M Vest Water’s management today January 16th 2024, held a market update with focus on key segments, the company’s growth strategy and scale-up ambitions.Key summary from the market update:- Our technology is now proven, and M Vest Water’s focus in 2024 is scale up and commercialization,- Our products and solutions are commercially ready to be…

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