The municipal sector is large and varied, having to ensure effective treatment of different wastewaters and sludge. Municipal authorities today are faced with significant challenges due to a growing urban population as well as increasing demands for environmentally friendly water treatment practices.

Key benefits

  • Removal of nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Removal of suspended solids
  • Enhanced dewatering ability
  • Reduced use of synthetic polymers


Filtrate treatment

Sludge thickening

Sludge dewatering

Municipal water treatment providers are increasingly looking for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to treat wastewater and sludge. The aim is both to establish more efficient water treatment, but just as important is the need to reduce waste and minimize the ecological footprint. Today the environmental aspect is also coming into focus with upcoming regulatory changes regulating discharge waters.

Today, the use of synthetic polymers in the municipal waste treatment sector is leading to a great deal of non-biodegradable components being released into nature, potentially causing harm to the environment.

Natural and biodegradable product

Using NORWAFLOC® biodegradable flocculant, we are able to capture organic and inorganic solids, oil, fat and grease as well as reduce the amount of non-biodegradable synthetic polymers and improve removal of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Removal of micro pollutants

The NORWAPOL® polishing process, using activated filter media (AFM®), offers unparalleled filtering performance with a media surface area up to 300 times that of crushed glass or sand while also providing up to 5x the lifetime of traditional filters. This enables, in combination with NORWAFLOC®, removal of micro pollutants.

Effective removal of nitrogen and phosphorus

Our solution provides a high degree of removal of phosphorus and nitrogen, elements that can have a significant environmental impact, leading to algae blooming and eutrophication which can cause adverse effects for aquatic life. Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus is now becoming increasingly important as this is valuable components in re-use of the waste as fertilizer.

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