Activated filter media

AFM® is a best in class filter media from Dryden Aqua Ltd.

M Vest Water is a distributor of AFM® as a stand-alone solution in Norway for the industry segments Oil & Gas, Aquaculture and Municipal water treatment.

When AFM® is combined with an upstream dosing of NORWAFLOC® we obtain the NORWAPOL® process. This process is covered in M Vest Water's patent portfolio and M Vest Water has the global distribution rights for AFM® used in the NORWAPOL® process.

Key benefits

  • More than doubles the performance of existing filtration systems
  • No biofouling and subsequent not subject to biodynamic instability, never allowing untreated water to pass
  • Lowers backwash water demand by an average of 50%
  • Expected to last for the life of the filtration system
  • Provides quick return on investment
  • Revolutionary synergies with NORWAFLOC®

Industries & Applications

AFM® performance

AFM® by Dryden Aqua is an activated filter media that can function as a direct replacement for sand filter media, effectively more than doubling the performance of sand filters.

AFM® is the result of an extensive engineering effort. Manufactured from a highly specific type of crushed, recycled glass. It is further refined to obtain a very specific particle size and shape to maximize performance. This enables an effective surface area up to 300 times that of traditional filter media with superior mechanical filtration properties for adsorption of fine particles.

When used as filtration media in the NORWAPOL® process it enables removal of particles down to 1 nm and even a large number of molecular and dissolved components.

AFM® is self-sterilizing and prevents build-up of bacteria and channeling in the media. The media and its mesophorous structure removes particles from the water down to 4 micrometer at 95% removal efficiency. Conventional sand filters with a high quality silica sand have comparatively about 95% removal efficiency of particles down to 20 micrometer and 73% removal efficiency of particles down to 5 micrometer.

The AFM® backwash water demand is on average 50% less compared to conventional sand filters.

Prevents biofouling and channeling

Municipal and industrial wastewater often contains a high amount of bacterial and organic elements which can lead to biological growth for traditional filter media like sand. This can result in clogging and channeling in the filter media, requiring frequent backflushing and air scouring, inevitably leading to degraded performance. AFM® is biodynamically stable, self-sterilizing and resists biofouling, leading to consistent filtration performance over time and removing the need for air scouring.

Highly cost-efficient

Being self-sterilizing, in addition to a lifetime up to 5x that of traditional sand filters, and a greatly reduced need for backwash water during the polishing process, ensures cost-effectivenes both in operation and implementation.

Circular economy

The media consists of crushed recycled glass and may after use be returned to factory for repeated recycle.


  • Drinking water treatment
  • Conditioning of Recirculating
  • Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in fish farming
  • Suspended solids removal in general
  • In combination with NORWAFLOC® for a wide range of industrial and municipal applications including food and beverage

Filter media international certifications

  • SO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018
  • NSF-61 certified for use in drinking water treatment
  • DWI (UK) Regulation 31 certification for potable water use
  • European Water Directive (98/83/EC) & 80/778/EEC) compliant HACCP certified for use in food & beverage production
  • EN-12902 and EN-12904 compliant
  • IFTS (Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation) independently tested and verified filtration performance

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