Natural & biodegradable flocculant/coagulant, combined into one product 

NORWAFLOC® is an innovative and proprietary product range of natural flocculant/coagulant. Its combination of both natural polysaccharide-based flocculants and a highly charged coagulant in a single product means that it can be applied in just one dosing step.

Key benefits

  • Environmentally friendly & non-toxic
  • Breaks oil in water emulsions
  • Removes many dissolved components of molecular size
  • Highly efficient at removing phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Enhanced dewatering properties
  • Fast reaction time, simple mixing and strong flocks
  • Flocks recombine if broken - one dosing works in multiple separation steps
  • Robust and insensitive to variations in wastewater

Industries & Applications

NORWAFLOC® is our flagship product. It comprises a combined natural polysaccharide flocculant and natural coagulant in one product. It is highly charged with low viscosity, and can easily be dosed and mixed into a wastewater stream in a single dosing step.

The development of our NORWAFLOC® product series represents a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental responsibility, as most flocculants used today are synthetic, polyacrylamide-based chemicals. Such synthetic polymers are non or poorly biodegradable, and result ultimately in undesirable deposits on land and into our oceans, rivers and lakes.

Special features

NORWAFLOC® products are characterized by a significantly improved adhesion to the pollutants in a fast and strong reaction, creating a simultaneous coagulation and flocculation. Compared to traditional coagulants, NORWAFLOC® furthermore has a significantly higher charge.

Special product editions may capture and flocculate dissolved components and low molecular toxins and colloids down to below 1 nm, and make these easy separable in conventional separation equipment.

It can be applied in both high and low temperature water, potable water, high saline water and in a wide pH range. It allows the capture of organic and inorganic suspended solids, oil, fat and grease, heavy metals and even colloids and form the relevant flock size depending on separation method. Thus, NORWAFLOC® can fit into different separation processes like flotation, sedimentation, depth filtration, decanters and other separation equipment.

Biodegradable and non-toxic

Our products are classified GREEN according to OSPAR's standard. All ingredients in our product are listed at OSPAR's PLONOR list (Pose Little Or NO Risk to the environment).

The coagulant part in our product originates from nature itself and our flocculant part is natural or derived polysaccharides commonly known to be widely used in food and pharmacy products.

Perfect match for a variety of water treatment equipment

NORWAFLOC® is a perfect match for a wide variety of water treatment equipment and processes.

Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

NORWAFLOC® is dosed into the process stream upstream the Dissolved Air Floatation unit (DAF). We are able to supply both standardized and tailor made NORWAFLOC® versions, depending on the client's requirements for their specific wastewater. 

Media Filtration (Depth Filtration)

NORWAFLOC® is added prior to the media filtration (i.e. sand filter, AFM® etc.). Our product can be tailored with various chain lengths on the polysaccharide in order to obtain the correct flock size needed for an efficient depth filtration. This advantage ensures optimum results/operation and minimum backwashing of the filter media. Furthermore, our product does not stick to the filter media like polyacrylamide-based flocculants and several other synthetic-based flocculants (such sticking corrupts the filter media). 


NORWAFLOC® is an excellent choice for dewatering processes where decanters are applied. By using NORWAFLOC® the client can achieve up to 30% better dewatering properties relative to polyacrylamide-based flocculants.

Another advantage is less operational interruptions, hence NORWAFLOC® efficiently prevents sticking of solids on the decanter bowl, and the separated pollution is more swiftly removed from the internal parts.

Chamber Filter Press

NORWAFLOC® can be dosed directly prior to the chamber filter press, or it can be applied before thickening in the settling tank. Then flocculated, thickened sludge can be processed directly in the chamber filter press.

Combinations of NORWAFLOC® versions can control and optimize the flock size of the sludge and the stickiness of the dry cake. These are crucial parameters for successful dewatering in a chamber filter press.

NORWAFLOC® significantly improves filtrate quality compared to synthetic polymers in the chamber filter press.

Competitive edge

We achieved significant reduction of discharge levels at a Norwegian oil terminal compared to the incumbent product used previously. Note that the dosing levels were 1/3 of that of the incumbent competing product.

  • Wide temperature range
  • Non-synthetic and biodegradable
  • Captures toxins and colloids
  • Effective down to below 1 nm

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