Polishing filtration process 

NORWAPOL® is a proprietary and novel polishing process where NORWAFLOC® is added prior to automatic backwash media filtration vessels. The vessels include state-of-the-art activated filter media (AFM®), effectively multiplying the filtration performance.

NORWAPOL® delivers a groundbreaking, environmentally friendly solution, without the use of synthetic polymers, achieving close to complete removal of harmful components to the environment.

Key benefits

  • Media alone removes 95% of particles larger than 4µm 
  • Combined with NORWAFLOC® media removes even dissolved molecular pollution and particles below 1 nm
  • 300x surface area compared to traditional sand filters
  • Self-sterilizing
  • Amount of backwash water reduced by 50%
  • 5x lifetime compared to traditional sand filters
  • Up to 20 m/h flow velocity through media

Industries & Applications

Filters out particles below 1 nm 

NORWAPOL® provides excellent performance when used in combination with NORWAFLOC®.

Combined with AFM® we can provide 300x the surface area compared to traditional sand filters, and are able to filter out particles below 1 nanometer in size, including a large number of dissolved molecular components, toxins and colloids.

NORWAPOL® is a particularly disruptive substitute for walnut shell filters. In many applications, NORWAPOL® is also a substitute for activated carbon filters and powdered activated carbon, and special versions of NORWAFLOC® captures and flocculates a large number of substances normally removed in activated carbon.

Highly cost-efficient

Being self-sterilizing, in addition to a lifetime up to 5x that of traditional sand filters, and a greatly reduced need for backwash water during the polishing process, ensures cost-effectiveness both in operation and implementation.

Circular economy

The media consists of crushed recycled glass and may after use be returned to factory for repeated recycle.


  • Tertiary treatment step for removal of micropollutants
  • Pre-treatment upstream membrane filtration
  • Heavy metal removal from surface and ground water
  • Substitute for walnut shell & modified clay filter, activated carbon filter, sand filter and cartridge filter

Filter media international certifications

  • SO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018
  • NSF-61 certified for use in drinking water treatment
  • DWI (UK) Regulation 31 certification for potable water use
  • European Water Directive (98/83/EC) & 80/778/EEC) compliant HACCP certified for use in food & beverage production
  • EN-12902 and EN-12904 compliant
  • IFTS (Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation) independently tested and verified filtration performance

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