M Vest Water has received an order from a salmon slaughterhouse

M Vest Water has been awarded an order to deliver our water treatment product NORWAFLOC® to a large new salmon slaughterhouse in Norway.

Reference is made to the announcement dated March 23, 2023. M Vest Water delivered water treatment equipment to the client in Q3 2023. The installation of this equipment has now been completed, and the plant is being prepared for the startup of water treatment and sludge separation in Q1 2024.

M Vest Water has received an order to supply NORWAFLOC® for a startup period of 2-3 months of production. The potential yearly income for the supply of NORWAFLOC® is estimated to 4-6 MNOK.

With this supply, M Vest Water has provided the best available technology (BAT) to the first salmon slaughterhouse in Norway meeting the new and restricted EU discharge regulation enforced on this industry with effect from December 4th, 2023.

"This is a milestone for the solution The Alliance; M Vest Water, Downstream Marine and Bioretur, has brought forth to solve the new challenges with the wastewater discharges salmon slaughterhouses now are facing. It is a significant step into this emerging annual 100 MNOK recurring revenue market. A market where The Alliance potentially also may convert waste to value for our clients by manage and facilitate attractive reuse of the waste,” says MVW`s CEO, Stein E. Giljarhus. 

For more details about our solution for the industry, read here.