world water day

World Water Day 2023

Today, we celebrate World Water Day and highlight the importance of clean water. This year’s theme is related to finding solutions to the global water and sanitation crisis and providing fresh, clean water for all. At M Vest Water we innovate every day to accelerate a green shift for industries within oil & gas, aquaculture, wastewater and dredging. Through our greener and more sustainable solutions for treating water, we contribute to making our rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwaters cleaner and free from harmful substances polluting the environment.

There is more than enough water in the world, but not enough clean water. The last decades have seen rapid environmental changes causing a shift which is becoming more and more evident; water is becoming a scarce resource in an increasing number of regions. The challenge is not only to handle our polluted waters in a better manner, but also to ensure responsible reuse of wastewaters from industry and agriculture.

M Vest Water is tackling this challenge head-on. Through our innovative technologies we are aiming to become a global leader, accelerating the development of new, green and disruptive water treatment solutions. We are committed to reducing the impact of polluted waste water and help provide clean and accessible water to the world.

We help industries reach their sustainability goals

Our technology’s contribution to the UN’s sustainability goals is significant. By providing industries that face challenges related to wastewater with a greener and more effective solution, we help make the world’s waters cleaner, whether it’s rivers, lakes, oceans or groundwaters.

At M Vest Water we are proud of being part of the solution for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.