Update Municipal Wastewater – sewage sludge treatment breakthrough


M Vest Water is delighted to announce an important status update with reference to our technological breakthrough in municipal wastewater and sludge treatment, which was announced on June 9 and September 8, 2023.

MVW has now successfully finished the first full-scale treatment at the large municipal treatment plant Kläranlage Osnabrück, which is catering 250,000 people.

In full-scale operation we have now fully commercially qualified the excellence of our natural NORWAFLOC® product. MVW has performed full-scale repetition of the promising small-scale trial in September. We reduced the normal current chemical consumption of Ferric and Calcium with 60% in their sludge dewatering process. Additionally, this substitution to NORWAFLOC® resulted in a 4-5% drier solid waste to transport and reuse as agricultural fertilizer. These results represent substantial cost- and operational benefits for the municipalities.

As stated in our earlier announcements: In Germany, there are approximately 1,000 municipal wastewater plants out of a total of 9,600 that dispose their dewatered sludge as agricultural fertilizer. The current Ferric supply shortage to municipalities in Germany is a declared and severe crisis in terms of accessibility versus demand. Distributors of Ferric Chloride have challenges to meet the demand and have due to this become important customers to MVW.

MVW is currently in the process of conducting pilots and full-scale qualifications for dewatering of municipal sewage sludge at six large treatment plants in Germany, catering to a total of 1,500,000 people.

“MVW is very pleased to announce that we have reached the milestone of full commercial qualification in the segment for municipal sludge reused as fertilizer. The commercial and technical advantages of our solution are clear, and it is pushed forward by strong market drivers from authorities, municipalities, and chemical distributors. The work to incorporate our NORWAFLOC® in major distributors existing contracts with municipalities is well under way, and tendering work has started. By this business model we save time and bypass public tendering procedures, hence we address distributors with running long-term contracts with municipalities”, says MVW CEO Stein E. Giljarhus.