M Vest Water’s CTO Atle Mundheim featured in H2O Global News

In this article published in the March issue of H2O Global News, M Vest Water’s CTO Atle Mundheim explores the role of technology innovation such as its NorwaFloc® green flocculant in addressing the problem of PFAS. Often called “eternity substances,” these short or long chain molecules are among the most persistent in the world and do not degrade in nature for generations. Used in industrial activities and in applications in consumables, these molecular bonding substances are disposed of in waste and then find their way into and accumulate in ground water and oceans.

NorwaFloc® combines biodegradable polysaccharide-based flocculants with a highly charged coagulant in a single product that is applied in just one dosing step. A completely natural product that causes no harm to the environment or people, NorwaFloc® can actively and cost-efficiently reduce the amount of these substances that go into the land and water and ultimately affect our health and wellbeing.

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