M Vest Water has signed a global Business Distribution Agreement with Dryden Aqua

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Business Distribution agreement with Dryden Aqua for their AFM® product (Activated Filter Media). The agreement designates M Vest Water as the sole distributor of AFM® in Norway for all water treatment applications. Additionally, M Vest Water will become the global distributor of AFM® in all water treatment markets where it is used as an integrated filter media in M Vest Water’s proprietary NORWAPOL filter process/equipment.

NORWAPOL is a cost-effective and innovative solution that can filter out a large number of dissolved components, including toxic and harmful micropollutants like hormones, PFOS, PFAS, phenols, phosphorus, heavy metals and many more from wastewater.

Dryden Aqua is the leading manufacturer of glass filtration media (AFM®). They have a unique knowledge combination of biology, chemistry and technology and are the inventors of the activated, bio-resistant filter media AFM®. Dryden is one of the world’s leading experts in sustainable water treatment.

Key benefits of AFM®:

  • 50% less water volume required for back-flush leading to significantly lower water usage
  • Up to three times increased flowrate compared to traditional sand filters leading to a significantly reduced footprint – up to 50% smaller
  • Surface-treated sand grains with micro-channels enables 200 times the surface area of a standard filter, capturing more pollutants
  • Documented filtration effect – twice as effective as traditional sand filters
  • Five to six times longer lifespan compared to traditional sand filters

This advanced media is the preferred technology for filtration in M Vest Water’s patented NORWAPOL processes and enables a filter unit concept which disruptively positions NORWAPOL as a cost-efficient substitute for expensive activated carbon filtration, ozonation and membrane filtration. It is also a field proven, substantially more efficient solution to remove oil, particles and other contaminants from water compared to existing technologies (e.g., walnut shell filters).

By entering into this agreement and combining our already market-leading technology with Dryden Aqua, M Vest Water is uniquely positioned to launch the cutting-edge NORWAPOL process in the global multibillion filtration market in which Dryden is an established player. Combining NORWAFLOC and AFM® in our patented NORWAPOL process further strengthens our position and competitive advantage in the global water treatment market, enabling us to meet our client’s challenges with an innovative, cost-efficient, and effective solution.