M Vest Water contracts – Oil & Gas industry

M Vest Water has received orders from two waste management plants for treatment of highly oil-contaminated water related to oil production in the North Sea.

The orders include environmentally friendly chemicals (NorwaFloc®) for treatment of produced water and slop water. For produced water the order includes our patented polishing process NorwaPol®, where NorwaFloc® is added prior to automatic backwash media filtration vessels. The vessels include state-of-the-art activated filter media AFM®, effectively multiplying the filtration performance.

Stein Giljarhus, CEO commented: “This is a “proof of technology” for MVW. We have proven that we can supply the oil and gas industry with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, enabling significant reduction of harmful discharge to nature. Our technology is now field proven and several international oil companies are requesting field trials and qualifications for defined commercial projects.”

M Vest Water can also notify that several of the Company’s client projects in other segments of our services, now enters final stages of ongoing comprehensive qualification programs for commercialization.

M Vest Water continues strong focus on delivering products and services at the highest standards.