M Vest Water announces NORWAPOL® contract

Bergen, Norway, November 27, 2023 – M Vest Water has been awarded a contract from a major global petrochemical producer for the delivery of our NORWAPOL® process in one of the clients existing Norwegian water treatment plants for boiler feed water.

The NORWAPOL® technology shall, in a first step, replace 1 out of 3 sand filters as pre-treatment upstream an existing ion-exchange resin (a water softening filter). This is in order to obtain better feed water quality for this resin and subsequently improve the quality of the boiler feed water. Subject to the results and findings from the operation of the NORWAPOL® over time, the objective is to replace the other two filters with NORWAPOL® technology. The total water flow to be treated is 70 – 170 m3/h across all three filters.

“We have previously successfully qualified our NORWAPOL® technology as pretreatment upstream ion-exchange in the Oil & Gas segment in the USA under different water qualities and conditions (produced water). MVW is very pleased that a renowned global quality company has chosen the stepwise NORWAPOL® implementation in their water treatment plant in Norway. The polishing of boiler feed water, in general, is a large market, and this commercial project is a very important step for MVW entering another door into this market with our technology,” says MVW CEO Stein Giljarhus.