Slop water treatment

Water treated: Slop water
Products used: NORWAFLOC® & NORWAMIX
Client: Oil Rigs
Location: Norway
Result: 95% reduction in cost per cubic metre of slop water treated

Alfa Laval provides the slop water treatment system for two state-of-the-art jack-up rigs on the Norwegian shelf. The end-client desired higher performance from the water treatment system and called upon M Vest Water to deliver NORWAFLOC® and integrate it into the existing treatment system. Successful field tests were completed, leading to the end-client approving our solution.

The end-client considered several competing products, but none were able to deliver a system that could achieve the high performance of NORWAFLOC®. In addition, NORWAFLOC® was the only known environmentally-friendly product.

M Vest Water has also delivered a tailor-made dosing and mixing system (NORWAMIX) on-time and participated in a final commissioning test run completed in March 2021.

The end-client achieved an effective treatment cost of NOK 240 per m3. Previously, the end-client incured a cost of NOK 4 500 per m3 in transport to onshore alone.

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