First sales in the Middle East Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment market


M Vest Water (MVW) can announce that, through an established partnership, MVW has been awarded the supply of process equipment and chemicals for an especially important Produced Water Reuse project in the Middle East.

The MVW supply includes the NORWAPOL® and the NORWAFLOC® technology as an integrated part of a larger environmentally sustainable treatment system designed to bring polluted Produced Water to valuable reuse.

Scope of delivery includes the sale of a complete NORWAPOL® system comprising 3 polishing filters, chemical dosing stations, and the long-term supply of our environmentally friendly NORWAFLOC® treatment chemical. MVW 's supply will treat between 50 and 100 m3 of Produced Water per hour as an integrated part of the complete Produced Water Reuse Treatment System. The system is expected to be operative in the break of 2024/2025.

MVW has proved to a major O&G Operator in the US that our NORWAPOL® technology is disruptive versus the common water polishing technologies in the O&G industry. We are proud and happy that yet another major O&G Operator, now in the Middle East, has chosen the disruptive NORWAPOL® technology and natural NORWAFLOC® treatment chemicals above common filter solutions in this important project. This acknowledgment from a major operator is a milestone in our work towards commercialization in the Middle East. The potential for duplicating the reuse solution to several other sites is large and intended.” comments MVW’s CEO Stein Giljarhus.