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Erko Settefisk AS awards contract to M Vest Water

We are delighted to announce that M Vest Water has been awarded a contract for delivery of NORWAPOL®, providing a green and highly efficient solution for treatment and purification of the inlet water at Erko Settefisk AS’s RAS plant at Stord, Norway.

Erko Settefisk AS is a salmon hatchery and smoltification company that deliver over 5 million post-smolt per year, with a state-of-the-art RAS facility, located at Sagvåg, Stord (60 km south of Bergen).

The facility consists of 3 separate modules, with one module comprising the hatchery and thus requiring fresh water, and the other two modules comprising the smolt and post-smolt, using brackish water (salt water).

The intake water to the plant is surface water from a nearby lake. M Vest Water’s NORWAPOL® solution filters out organic and inorganic substances to extremely low levels, ensuring the very best living and growth conditions for the smolt. This is of high value to Erko and the industry in general. This is the first step in the water treatment cycle in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS).

The second step of water treatment in a RAS plant is the conditioning of the water which is recirculated within the plant. This normally consists of very large water volumes and flows. NORWAPOL® has shown excellent results for this type of flow in removal of particles, nitrogen, and phosphorus. We are now in the process of preparing our technology for this water flow via a collaborative project with one of the major players in the salmon farming industry.

The third step is the purification of the discharge water. M Vest Water has with its NORWAFLOC® and NORWAPOL® technology achieved full removal of particles and phosphorus and furthermore significant reductions in nitrogen levels in the discharge water. These contaminants are major contributors to the pollution of the marine environment. M Vest Water's technology thereby contribute to the aquaculture industry's goal of ensuring a more sustainable production.

Last but not least, comes the handling of sludge which is separated from the water treatment steps mentioned above. This sludge contains a lot of water, and the solid content is of value for e.g., biogas raw material or fertilizer. The transport of water in this sludge is very costly and of no value. M Vest Water’s NORWAFLOC® ensures the very best dewatering enhancement when applied upstream of any kind of mechanical dewatering equipment. In this way M Vest Water strongly contributes to the circular economy and sustainable waste management handling.