Contributing to a cleaner oil & gas industry

Report proves superior performance of NORWAFLOC®

M Vest Water has had an ongoing collaboration with actors within the oil & gas industry for several years, trialing the purification of produced water from oil wells. These trials have consisted of several phases, the most important of which is full-scale testing.

Success in full-scale testing

In a recent full-scale test, we were able to further confirm the efficacy of our technology. Last week we received an approved test report from an oil terminal that receives produced water from the Norwegian continental shelf. The results show a significant improvement in water purity with no biproducts such as microplastics released into the ocean.
Our technology completely eliminates, or reduces to near zero, the amount of harmful pollutants in wastewaters and achieves an oil-in-water of just 0.2-0.4 mg/l. A very low number that is significantly below the requirements from governing bodies.
As of today, we know of no other commercial products that are able to produce similar results.

Contributing to a cleaner oil & gas industry

The test report shows that we can reduce the amount of all components down to well below today’s limit for maximum allowed discharges to the sea. Additionally, the dosing rate required using our technology is notably lower than existing solutions. This, combined with the fact that our technology is green and biodegradable, means that we can contribute to a cleaner and more cost-effective oil & gas industry.

Oil emulsion in water

NORWAFLOC® reaction & strong flocks

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