Business establishment in Germany

Today M Vest Water announces our fully owned subsidiary, “M Vest Water GmbH”, in Germany. This will ensure improved logistical operations and allow our sales and service teams to work more closely with our customers in Germany and the European market.

M Vest Water GmbH is located in the Bavaria region in Germany, and is a technology centre with modern offices, a fully operational laboratory, and a group of highly qualified German key personnel.

This will be MVW’s operational base serving the European Union, and in particular Germany. Arrangements for production out-sourcing and logistics to serve the European market through M Vest Water GmbH has been identified and decided. This will help secure a predictable and stable supply of NorwaFloc® products in sufficient quantities to meet European demand in the future.

The German entity will have a central role in product supply / logistics, sales and market penetration. It will serve the German market in particular, but also other markets within EU.

M Vest Water GmbH is already successfully executing full scale qualifications with major clients within the” high volume” flocculant consumers market in sludge dewatering in several industries. This ongoing activity executed by M Vest Water GmbH now provides the commercialization of NorwaFloc® in said high volume market segments where MVW expect dredging sludge dewatering and sand and gravel sludge dewatering to be field proven, commercialized, and ready for launch in Q4 2022.

The foundation of M Vest Water GmbH is in line with the company's strategy and business plans. MVW is now established in the centre of the European market.